About Our Club

Early in 1979 with a £5 note to open a bank account and a donated football strip from the local amateur football team, the “Kemnay Boys Club” was formed by Bill Blackie. As that year progressed it became obvious other similar teams in Aberdeenshire were also being formed and the Central Grampian U14 League was formed from 1980 onwards. That first season was very successful for the club, winning the league and finishing runners up in the league cup.

The following year an U13 team was formed, and a monthly draw started to raise funds for the club. Over the coming years further progress for the club was made with the formation of U9, U10 and U11 teams and by 1986 the club had over 100 players at 5 different levels.

In 1987 new heights were reached when an extremely ambitious fundraising scheme was introduced and raised £9,500 over 5 months which would equate to £23,500 today!

1992 saw our first glimpses of some soon to be famous faces in football, Darren Mackie who would go on to play for Aberdeen Football Club and Scott Morrison for Aberdeen, Dunfermline & Ross County. This was also the year Kemnay Ladies FC were started.

By 1996 the GCL had collapsed, and the club now played in the Aberdeen and District League. An entrance fee of £5 per player was introduced to help with rising costs, although by 1999 the club had almost gone bankrupt.

Early 2000 saw a new committee take over who introduced football for teams from Primary 1 onwards, ran numerous fundraisers and changed the club name from “Kemnay Boys Club” to “Kemnay Football Club” These changes would enable the club to invite girls of all ages to train and play with the club and over the coming years the club saw unprecedented growth.

By 2008 we had almost 200 players representing the club at development and competitive fixtures in the North-East.

The last few years have been tough on the club, with the global impact of covid we saw all of our existing XIs teams unfortunately folding. However since the return to football the current committee have had a big push on player recruitment as well as club visibility in the wider community and in early 2022 oversaw the inception of the new Kemnay Girls team. The club now has around 150 players at primary school level with steadily increasing numbers in all teams.

We have recently gone paperless and introduced a new online payment system as well as club shop and document library – so we are looking forward to many years of streamlined, sustainable football and of course seeing as many local kids out playing football and representing Kemnay Football Club as possible.

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Committee 2021/2022
Ewan Fraser

Ewan joined Kemnay FC in 2018 when he took on the role of Head Coach for our K2013 team. As well as his own team, he is also one of the clubs dedicated Goalkeeping Coaches.

He joined the committee in 2019 as Social Media Rep before moving on to become Chairman in 2021.

Louise Graham

Louise had a glorious career for Kemnay Ladies as a player before joining Kemnay FC in 2019 as coach for our K2014 team and then going on to start up our Kemnay Girls team.

She joined the committee in 2022 as Treasurer.

Yolanda MacDonald

Yolanda joined Kemnay FC in 2020 as secretary for the K2015 team.

She joined the committee in 2021 in a shadow role for our Secretary before taking on the role fully in 2022.

Scott Gordon

Scott joined Kemnay FC in 2016 when he took on the role as coach for our K2011 team.

He joined the committee in 2017 as our Player Protection Officer

Pauline Paterson

Pauline is a Kemnay FC stalwart, having joined the club in 2010 with our K2005 team as their First Aider and Secretary.

She joined the committee in 2013 as our Fundraiser

Richard Openshaw

Richard became involved with the club in 2019 when his son joined the 2014 team. He started coaching the team the following year and in the same year was elected to represent the club’s coaches on the committee.


Shane joined Kemnay FC in 2021 as coach to the K2016 team

He joined the committee in 2022 as our Vice Chairperson

Current Training Schedule

Our current training schedule can be found on the home page, please click here

Player Pathway
What can players and parents expect?

A player’s journey at Kemnay FC begins when they start primary school. We’ll immediately have them kicking a ball about with the sole aim of allowing them to enjoy themselves in a safe and nurturing environment. Training sessions will take place one evening per week – typically this will be the case throughout their time at the club.

4v4 & 5v5

From March the following year, players will join the Scottish FA Children’s Pathway. This begins with two years of 4 v 4 games using a size 3 ball on a small pitch with small goals and no goalkeepers. These are played in a festival format that sees a number of short games against teams from across the North East. These festivals usually take place on Sundays.

In the third year, the festivals move to a 5 v 5 format where the goal size is increased and a goalkeeper is added.

Players get lots of touches of the ball in these short, small-sided games, which allows them to express enjoyment and develop skills while learning to love the game.


Players will be well into Primary 4 when they progress to 7v7 games. Along with the number of players, the ball, pitch and goal all get a bit bigger with longer fixtures now played home and away against teams from across the region. This stage lasts until the end of Primary school and the major objective is skill acquisition. Players will have opportunities to play in a range of positions and experience more variety of game situations than during the festivals. Home games will be played at Bogbeth Park.


During the final year of Primary School, 9v9 games are played to aid the transition to 11-a-side football. Players are introduced to the offside and pass back rules and lose the protection of a retreating line. Balls and goals are the same size as 7v7 but the pitch can be a little bigger. Games are still typically played on a Sunday at this stage.


As players reach Secondary school, their football will follow the rules and format of the adult game. However, it is still very much about having fun and improving their skills. There is slightly more emphasis on technical and tactical development as skill and game competence improves at this stage.

After a year they will move to a size 5 ball and the length of games gradually increases. Only at 17 will they start playing 90 minute matches.

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