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Committee 2021/2022
Ewan Fraser

Some guff here about Ewan and how he got involved.

Frank Watson
Beth Ross
Yolanda MacDonald
Pauline Paterson
Richard Openshaw

Richard became involved with the club in 2019 when his son joined the 2014 team. He started coaching the team the following year and in the same year was elected to represent the club’s coaches on the committee.

Current Training Schedule

As of 27th September 2021, all training sessions will take place at Kemnay Academy (on the astro pitch unless otherwise stated)


  • K2005 – Wednesday – 1930-2100
  • K2011 – Monday – 1800-1900
  • K2012 – Monday – 1915-2015
  • K2013 – Wednesday – 1900-2000
  • K2014 – Wednesday – 1800-1900
  • K2015 – Wednesday 1800-1900
  • K2016 – Wednesday 1800-1900 – in the sports hall
Player Pathway
What can players and parents expect?

A player’s journey at Kemnay FC begins when they start primary school. We’ll immediately have them kicking a ball about with the sole aim of allowing them to enjoy themselves in a safe and nurturing environment. Training sessions will take place one evening per week – typically this will be the case throughout their time at the club.

4v4 & 5v5

From March the following year, players will join the Scottish FA Children’s Pathway. This begins with two years of 4 v 4 games using a size 3 ball on a small pitch with small goals and no goalkeepers. These are played in a festival format that sees a number of short games against teams from across the North East. These festivals usually take place on Sundays.

In the third year, the festivals move to a 5 v 5 format where the goal size is increased and a goalkeeper is added.

Players get lots of touches of the ball in these short, small-sided games, which allows them to express enjoyment and develop skills while learning to love the game.


Players will be well into Primary 4 when they progress to 7v7 games. Along with the number of players, the ball, pitch and goal all get a bit bigger with longer fixtures now played home and away against teams from across the region. This stage lasts until the end of Primary school and the major objective is skill acquisition. Players will have opportunities to play in a range of positions and experience more variety of game situations than during the festivals. Home games will be played at Bogbeth Park.


As players reach Secondary school, their football will follow the rules and format of the adult game. However, it is still very much about having fun and improving their skills. There is slightly more emphasis on technical and tactical development as skill and game competence improves at this stage.

After a year they will move to a size 5 ball and the length of games gradually increases. Only at 17 will they start playing 90 minute matches.

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